My Personal Assistant LV offers the following general rates and packages. If you have questions about what best suits your needs, or would like to discuss a tailored plan, please contact us directly. Our initial consultation is always free. If you have any questions or would like to receive information on any seasonal promotions or specials, please click on our “Contact" page and send us an email.  

General Rates and Hours of Service
Monday through Friday 9:00am - 5:00pm
50/hr - minimum of 1 hour

Payment accepted: Cash, Check, Major Credit Cards, and via PayPal.

Saturday & Sunday by appointment only
Additional Premiums of 15/hr will apply after-hours and weekends, 25/hr for Federal / State Holidays and for expedited services

Hourly fees do not include the cost of any items purchased 

Special Notes Regarding Rates and Discounts: 
Existing clients receive special offers and seasonal promotions
Senior and Military discount available
Discounts are available for referrals that result in Service Purchase

After the 1 hour minimum is met, time will be billed in 15 minute incriments. Hourly fees may be significantly reduced to a specialty rate depending on the assignment (Vacation Home/While Your Away check, or simply waiting for a delivery or repairman vs. an active assignment (organizing, writing, research, filing, organizing etc.). Due to the significance of the reduction, all specialty rates are excluded from any percentage discount offers that may be available. Specialty Rates are subject to the additional premiums noted for weekends and Federal Holidays.  Please call for details. 


My Personal Assistant LV Package Plans were designed to simplify access to our services and allow you to choose various levels of assistance. By purchasing hourly blocks of four (4) hours or more, you receive a discounted rate in addition to gaining access to priority scheduling.

 PLAN 1        190/Month Four (4) hours per month
 PLAN 2 283.50/Month  Six (6) hours per month
 PLAN 3  470/Month  Ten (10) hours per month

Service Time Overage on a monthly Package Plan is billed at the hourly rate that applies to the enrolled plan. Package rates are subject to the additional premiums noted above for services requested after hours and on holidays or weekends.  


Packages can be designed specifically to suit your needs. Some clients desire additional or long term assistance for themselves or a loved one, or may simply need access to us on a demanding schedule. Please let us know and we can work together to design a plan and rate that meets your needs.

Please Note: Package Plans are accounted for by calendar month, and are not carried over month-to-month. Partial starting monthly services will be prorated. These plans require prepayment each month and require thirty (30) days notice of cancellation or change (cancellations will not be prorated).

Gift Certificates

My Personal Assistant LV gift certificates are available and can be offered as a gift for Friends and Loved Ones.

First 10 miles at no cost, then $0.40 per mile thereafter. Mileage is calculated from your Assistant's point of origin.

Expenses & Other Charges
Rates are for Services Only and do not include cost of any items purchased. Any purchases we make on your behalf must be paid for in advance unless alternate arrangements have been made with us. This can be in the form of cash or check. There will be an additional 2.9% charge for those who may prefer to transfer the anticipated amount of funds directly into our account via PayPal, to offset the transfer fee we incur. We will provide a detailed statement and copies of receipts. You may also pre-purchase items with your credit card and provide authorization for us to pick up. You are responsible for reimbursement of any additional charges/expenses related to a service (postage, long distance charges, etc.). Please note that if you are a returning/repeat customer and the purchase is small, a seven (7) day payment term may be negotiated for purchases.

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